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Pharma Training

NorcalIT is by far the best equipped laboratory for students in the state.

Formulation Research and development is a full-fledged activity at NorcalIT and it includes Pre- formulation studies, formulation development, analytical method development & validation, stability studies and dossier preparation. NorcalIT is a one stop solution provider for pharma industry and it provides total solutions under one roof to the researchers across the experience in a growing startup.We provide in various technologies like Dotnet, Java, Android etc..,
NorcalIT develops various pharmaceutical dosage forms using state of the art technology, machinery and materials. Experiments are carried out with various excipients to enhance product stability, bioavailability and physicochemical properties. The excipients and other materials used are in accordance with the prevailing regulations of intended markets. The characteristics of the product during and after the development are evaluated as per Pharmacopoeia specifications.

The Analytical Division at Sura is by far the best equipped laboratory in the country with capabilities to perform most of the pharmacopoeial tests.Method development & validations for various techniques like chromatography, mass spectroscopy, particle size, X-ray diffraction etc. Validations for related substance, assay, residual solvents, dissolution profile, trace metals, particle size distribution. HPLC systems with UV, fluorescence detectors, RI detectors, conductivity detectors and PDA detectors.

In house sample analysis for following :
a) Infrared spectroscopy (FTIR)
b) Differential Scanning Colorimetry
c) Particle size analysis
d) Zeta potential
e) Scanning Electron Microscopy studies
f) NMR ,Mass spectroscopy studies